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We are a fully personalized shopping experience

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Why choose Smarts

Manage self-service and delivery

Manager app is an environment for merchant to configure and manage your self-service and delivery.

  • Open new stores
  • Configure purchase checks
  • Register and link loyalty cards
  • Get statistics about client usage
  • Connect Smarts with payment gateway and inventory software
  • Manage invoice processor parties
  • Setup shipping options
  • Create campaigns
  • Manage employees

Perform checks and delivery orders

Worker app is an environment for merchant employees to carry out purchase checks and manage deliveries.

  • Real-time overview of purchase payments
  • Carry out product based purchase checks
  • Carry out store based purchase checks
  • Assemble and manage deliveries

Use self-service and delivery

Smarts app is an environment for merchant clients to use self-service and delivery.

  • Scan products and pay for the purchase
  • One click payments.
  • Store loyalty cards.
  • Keep track on shopping history.
  • Order products without going to the store.
  • Track your order status.
  • Integrate Smarts account with social media.

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