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Our products

Our products

Our mission is to help merchant maximize the indoor shopping experience through customer convenience.
Digital wallet
Save payment/loyalty cards and receipts in app. Use one click payment in store.
Fast checkout
Scan products and pay for the purchase with your phone.
Shopping list
Never forget what you have to buy in store. Remember best offers and get purchase ideas from vendors. Smarts will remind what you have to buy while you're in store.
Coming soon!
Trajectory optimization
Smarts shows where your product is located and how to get there easily. Merchant can leverage routes to increase spontaneous purchase possibilities.
Coming soon!
Real time insights
Smarts helps you analyse indoor customer behavior by providing heatmaps, deep relation search and much more.
Coming soon!
Direct in-store marketing channel
Personalize you clients shopping experience with cross-sale, personal and campaign offers.

Smarts helps merchant to increase revenue 20 - 30% through the customer convenience and personalisation.

  • Fast checkout
  • One click payment
  • Mobile based self-service
  • Home delivery

We create direct marketing channel between merchant and customer while the customer is most open for spontaneous offers

  • In app cross-sale
  • In app personalisation/campaign offers
  • Shopping list suggestions

We help merchant to understand their customer behavior and plan next movements

  • Indoor heatmaps
  • Deep relation search

The platform

We offer 100% customer and retailer oriented services. Smarts functionality stack is long starting with purchase check management and ending with statistics.
Smarts app
App for the end user to use Smarts services
Worker app
App for worker to manage purchase checks and home deliveries
Web manager
Web app for store managers to configure services and get statistics.


Every case is unique!
That is why we do not have strict pricing. We can build you a fully customized solution depending on your needs.
Call or write to us to get further information about pricing.
Kristo Truu
IT & Project lead
+372 563 14 762
Karin Terasmaa
Sales & Marketing
+372 591 26 688
Glen Madis
Finance & Accounting
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